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Florascent Perfume set

Florascent hits sweet spot

Florascent has the gifting market firmly in its sights with the release of new 'chocolate box' eau de toilette collections for men and women. The eight new sample sets offer consumers the chance to try out the brand's range of ethical fragrances. The entire collection features only pure and organic essential oils and are hand-blended by Florascent's master perfumer, Roland Tentunian.

Florascent - Organic and Natural Perfume, room fragrance and eau de toilette

Women's Fitness

The power of perfume

Match your fragrance to your goals for a whiff of the sweet smell of success.

Chill out - If you're feeling anxious, lavender and chamomile can have a calming effect, in fact, these essential oils have been used for centuries for their relaxing qualities. 'Research into brain wave frequency shows lavender increases the aipha waves in the back of the head, boosting relaxation - and chamomile can encourage sleep.

Florascent Lavender Eau de toilette is a soothing blend of lavender spicy rockrose and amber.

Florascent Organic and Natural Perfume



When choosing a wedding perfume, it has to be scent that you have fallen in love with. Florascent Jasmine is both floral and delicious. It comes in vintage packaging to treasure.

Florascent - Natural Perfume. Pure Luxury Fragrances. NEW Japanese Unisex Range - New HANA Perfume


Fabulous Fragrance Gifts for Christmas

For the ladies;
If the person you are buying for insists on natural or organic skin care and fragrances chances are they may know about Florascent and their range of specialist organic perfumes.  This one pictured below is called Hana in the Japanese range by Florascent and they say "it's a gorgeous, sweet, feminine, cherry blossom fragrance, inspired by Japanese performing arts presented during the Cherry Blossom festival."  We say;  because of the concentration and quantity of essential oils, this is stronger than your average fragrance as you may be able to tell by the colour of the juice in the bottle.  You can purchase this and a range of fabulous male, female and unisex fragrances from the Florascent Parfumerie.