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Forsters Natural Products - Made in Germany ets. 1869

About Förster's

Forsters natural products

About Förster's

Förster's started manufacuting Textiles about 150 years ago in Hessia, Germany, under the direction of Mr.Karl Foerster.

Förster's natural products are unique hand made items, they are sumptuous, durable and a delight to use.

Förster’s Natural Productsunites three generations in one family-run company. Together with our staff we are a strong community working every day to achieve our goal of offering our customers a complete package of natural, eco-friendly personal care products. We are proud to say that our company and our production have remained in Germany, despite the trend towards globalization.

Over the decades, we have developed specially crafted wellness and sauna products to complement the textile massage articles which are our passion. In collaboration with master craftsmen and experts of their trade, we have developed further innovative highlights for your well-being.

Our values

Our actions are guided not only by our love of special products to touch the heart and soothe the skin, but also by environmental concerns. We believe that it is possible to manufacture products while taking care of the planet.

Förster’s Natural Products are designed to benefit both people and the environment. We therefore offer care with a clear conscience. Our range exclusively contains organic and natural products which have been certified or conscientiously cultivated and carefully manufactured.

We put the same thought into our products as you would into selecting a special gift for a good friend, aiming to offer you a special, magical moment in harmony with the body and nature, be it a stimulating massage, a sense of beauty while using our make-up brushes or a relaxing wellness experience.

Our promise

In keeping with our philosophy, all our products are developed and manufactured with love – with their users and nature in mind. Our materials exclusively comprise sustainable, natural raw materials and vegan fibres.

Environmental concern and exceptional product quality pervade all aspects of our work. And this is what makes Förster’s Natural Products durable, sustainable and simply unique

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