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About Khadi

kahadi - Natural Cosmetics

The Khadi Movement was formed in 1920 under the leadership of Mahatama Gandhi, the movement was set up to boycott foreign goods and promote Indian goods, and as a relief programme for the people living in rural communities. Each village grow their own raw materials to make goods to be sold in order to make a living.

Khadi Natural Products the makers of the Khadi Herbal Hair Colours give the farmers in the Indian Villages a fair price and long term supply for the raw materials they grow under the regulations of the Khadi Movement.

The Khadi Herbal Hair Colours are made in India and their recipes are based on age-old Ayurvedic formulations. Khadi Herbal Hair Colours have been available in Germany since 2008 and are becoming more and more popular amongst people who want to use natural hair colours rather than conventional hair dyes.

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