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Colouring Blonde or Grey Hair

khadi - colouring blonde or grey hair

To colour blonde or grey hair, Khadi have developed a 2 step colouring system. Khadi herbal hair colours contain plant-based colours, these colours have a high percentage of Indigo. Khadi Hair Colours - Dark Brown, Black or Pure Indigo, may give your hair a green hue. Therefore these shades should never be directly applied to light or grey hair in order to avoid these unwanted hues.

How to colour Blonde or Grey Hair

  1. Colour your hair with Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Pure Henna or Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Henna, Amla and Jatropha shades. See, How to use Khadi Herbal Hair Colours
  2. After rinsing out the first colouring you may colour your hair with the dark shades.

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