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Khadi Natural Products - Press Release

Face Mask Range

Khadi Natural Products - Press Release New Face Mask

Ayurvedic beauty brand Khadi launches new Face Mask range

Vegan & Certified Natural

Take care of your skin with the five new Face Masks from Khadi, which combine natural ingredients with Ayurvedic principles to leave the skin radiant and rejuvenated. Each mask has been carefully formulated to aid specific skin concerns, from reducing blemishes to relieving dehydrated skin.

Blended by Ayurvedic experts in India, the Khadi masks are vegan, BDIH[1] natural certified and free from SLS, peroxide, ammonia, preservatives, synthetic or artificial colours or dyes.

As an ethical brand, Khadi also follows fair trade guidelines and ensures that any herbs used in the formulations are collected in a sustainable and traditional way by local inhabitants.

“The combination of natural ingredients with ancient Eastern Ayurvedic wisdom makes this brand stand out from the crowd”, says Graeme Hume, MD of Pravera Ltd and distributor of the khadi natural products brand in the UK. “Like all Khadi products, you can expect great quality ingredients, formulations that truly deliver results and an affordable price point - and the new Face Mask range doesn’t disappoint on those fronts.”

The masks are in powder form and come packaged into a handy aluminium tin. Just blend the ayurvedic Khadi powder of your choice with water, milk or rose water to make a paste. Apply a thin coat on the face, leave on for 15 min until it has dried and gently rinse off to reveal a clearer and radiant complexion.

There are 5 Face Masks in the range:

Rose - Anti-ageing for all skin types

Orange - For Combination Skin

Sandalwood - For Sensitive and all skin types

Neem - For Normal to Oily Skin

Vetiver - For Oily and Problematic Skin

[1] BDHI is a European certification that ensures products only use natural and organic ingredients. They also ensure that animal testing is forbidden during any stage of production.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India where there are three Doshas - Veta (wind), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (water and earth). These elemental forces manifest into one's mind and body characteristics. A unique combination of these three Ayurvedic principles are present in everyone.

In Ayurvedic skincare the herbs and oils are chosen to suit the individual constitution and to reduce the Dosha that is most out of line, and that is linked to certain skin concerns.

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