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Lavera Natural & Organic Skin Care - Ingredients I - L

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Ingredients I - L


Iron Oxides (CI77491) , (CI77492), (CI 77499) (CI 77510), (CI 77941)

Source: Compound of iron and oxygen

Effects: Natural colourant of yellow, red, reddish brown, brown and black

Products: Trend Sensitiv, Lips, Faces


Jojoba Esters, Hydrolysed Jojoba Esters

Source: Obtained from the jojoba plant

Effects: Sooths the skin and asks as an emollient

Products: Trend Sensitiv

Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract, Butyruspermum Parkii (butter)

Source: Juniper butter from shea butter an juniper extract

Effcts: A Mild disinfectant, soothes inflammation and nutures the skin

Products: Faces

Juniperus Communis Fruit Extracts

Source: Extracted from Juniper plant

Effects: Mild disinfectant and soothes inflammation

Products: Faces


Karanja Oil

Source: Obtained by pressing the seeds of th karanja tree

Effects: Leaves skin feeling soft and suptle

Products: Faces MY AGE


Source: Protein, lends hair and nails stability and strength

Effects: Improves gloss and leaves hair easier to comb

Products, Hair


Lavendula Angustifolia (lavender) Flower Water - Organic

Source: Essence of lavender blossom

Effects: Soothes skin, a mild antiseptic

Products: Sun Sensitiv, Faces, Trend Sensitiv, Body Spa

Lavandula Hybrida Oil

Source: Natural essential oil, extracted from lavender

Effects: Natural pleasant fragrance

Products: Body Spa, Trend Sensitiv, Faces, Sun Sensitiv


Source: High quality, cleaned Wool Wax from sheep

Effect: Natural stabiliser & mild emulsifier

Products: Men

Lanolin Alcohol

Source: Natural component of wool wax

Effects: stabiliser in emulsions

Products: Baby and Kinder, baby and Kinder Neutral, Basis Sensitiv, Trend Sensitiv


Source: Soya Oil (not genetically modified)

Effect: Effectiveness by a vegetable transport system in the upper skin layers

Products: Facs, Body Spa, Men, Basis Sensitiv, Sun Sensitiv

Leontopodium Alpinum Herb Extract

Source: Extraction from edelweiss plant

Effects: Sooths the scalp

Products: Hair

Lithothamnium Calcareum Powder

Source: Grounded coralline algae

Effects: Moisturiser to ensure a velvety soft and clear complexion

Products: Faces


Source: Mineral sediment

Effects: Used a an aborbant/bulking agent

Products: Basis Sensitiv

Lauryl Lysin

Source: Compound of natural Lauric fatty Acid ( coconut oil) and amino acid (plant based oil)

Effects: Makes lips a smooth soft feeling

Products: Faces, Trend sensitiv

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