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Lavera Certifications

Lavera Organic & Natural Cosmetics and Skincare - Lavera products certifications

Lavera Certifcations
for genuine natural cosmetics:


Lavera skin care, body care and make up products are manufactured and developed according to the BDIH (Association of German Industry and Trading Firms for Pharmaceuticals, health care products, food supplements and personal hygiene products; registered association) guidelines.

Over 90% of lavera products are certified by BDIH with the exception of Hair products, for the Hair products Lavera use nature near raw materials which combine effectiveness with naturalness. To ensure good quality effective shampoos and conditioners Lavera have accepted this compromise.

Here is a snippet of the BDIH guidelines:

  • Whenever possible BDIH certified products must contain ingredients from certified organic cultivation or certified wild cultivation. Presently there are 105 organic ingredients available e.g. soya, rose,almond and olive oil.
  • You will not find synthetic artifical colouring, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients, silicones, paraffins and petroleum products in any Lavera product.
  • No active agents or ingredients may be genetically modified
  • The effectiveness and skin compatibility of the products may only be tested on human volunteers.
  • we do not test on animals, do not use genetically modified materials and do not use substances of living vertebrates (e.g. Mink oil, animal fats, animal collagen)

With the seal of the BDIH on Lavera products you can be sure you will find genuine natural cosmetics inside.

If you would like to know more about BDIH certification please visit the BDIH Website.


Na True

Na True is an international label for genuine natural and organic cosmetics that consumers can recognise and trust. The strict criteria assures Naturalness and offers 3 grades that reflect the true diversity of Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

The one star Na True label guarantees genuine naturalness and can have organic ingredients.

The two star Na True label guarantees genuine natural cosmetics, at least 70% of their natural ingredients must stem from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection.

The three star Na True label guarantees genuine natural cosmetics , at least 95% of their natural ingredients must stem from controlled organic production and/or controlled wild collection.

If you would like to kn ow more about the Na True label and its criteria, please go to

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