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A natural & organic beauty virgin goes organic for a week...

Jenny Fletcher, a natural and organic beauty virgin goes organic for a week. Trying and testing natural and organic skin care products for a week.
Although I know that natural and organic skin care is probably the safest option, I've always thought that organic skin care and natural beauty products wouldn't work as well as synthetic brands. But I was willing to be proven wrong so for one week I switched my usual shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and moisturiser for organic and natural skin care alternatives.
I know that natural and organic products are better for the environment too, but it takes a brave girl to give up her favourite synthetic brand and use organic beauty products for the first time!

I started by using organic regenerative hair shampoo because I have very long hair, getting it really clean is a major undertaking. I found that the organic shampoo took a little longer to lather but once it got going it was really bubbly and left my hair quite literally squeaky clean. My hair was also less greasy between washes, which was a real bonus. My verdict was that organic shampoo actually worked much better than my normal shampoo I had ever used! This really surprised me as I never thought that a natural shampoo would work as well on my very long hair.

My next revelation was the Organic Conditioner. This was my absolute favourite organic product! It was really thick but actually went on very easily. Almost immediately the organic conditioner detangled my hair allowing me to comb it and with the knottiest hair in the world this is saying something! Normally I have to brush my hair before showering and then I can comb it with a bit of struggle. With the organic conditioner I didn't need to brush before and could comb it sooner and more quickly. It also left my hair really soft. I'd definitely give top marks to the organic conditioner and am a true convert!

Next it was the turn of the creamy organic body wash. The organic body wash (or organic shower gel, whatever you want to call it!) had a gorgeous texture and did exactly what it was supposed to: cleansed, refreshed and softened my skin. It was also good to know that the organic ingredients in the natural body wash were so gentle that they weren't doing me or the environment any harm - it was nice to know I was making an ethical and responsible choice in my beauty routine for a change.

So far so good, but my real challenge lay ahead as I find that the chemicals in many underarm deodorants make me itch and often bring me out in a rash. The underarm area is a real problem area for me so it was with bated breath that I rolled on an organic Deodorant. I was relieved (and also quite delighted!) that the organic deodorant left my underarms lovely and smooth. That's one box ticked but does organic deodorant actually work? After a hectic day at work and a trip to the gym there was no hint of irritation and, although I wouldn't say that the organic deodorant is as powerful as repelling odours as anti perspirants, with horror stories of parabens causing cancer, then all in all the organic deodorant is a much healthier way to keep fresh.

Last of all, I tested the organic moisturiser - Organic Moisturising Cream - which gets a big thumbs-up from me. My skin can be sensitive to moisturiser but with this natural moisturiser I had no problems at all. With the organic moisturiser my skin was left hydrated, but not greasy.

I would never have thought that I would notice such a difference in my everyday products by switching to natural and organic skin and hair care, but after a week's trial, I've noticed big differences already, and I consider myself a natural and organic beauty convert! To other natural and organic beauty virgins I'd say give it a try - you might just like it!

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