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Why Organic and Natural Sun Protection can Save your Family's Skin

When considering sun protection for the family it's vital to consider organic and natural sun protection products against their synthetic counterparts. Natural and organic sun protection products work by providing a protective 'shield' on the skin which offers sun protection immediately, rather than waiting 20 minutes as is generally the case with synthetic sun care products.

Unlike natural and organic sun creams, synthetic sunscreen is absorbed into the skin and takes about 20 minutes to take effect. This absorption of the synthetic product highlights another very important difference: the chemicals and emulsifiers which they contain can cause skin irritation. Harmful chemicals are not present in truly natural and organic sun care products such as lavera, making natural and organic sun care products a safer alternative for the family.

It's not just in the height of summer when you need to use a natural and organic sun cream; changing weather patterns mean that we can be caught unawares by an early burst of sunshine and while everyone loves to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun on their skin, (especially after a long winter), it's easy to underestimate the damage that can be done, even early in the year.

This is especially true for babies and children, whose skin is especially sensitive and is vulnerable at all times even when the sun's rays don't seem to be very strong. Applying synthetic sun creams on to your baby and children's skin means that they will absorb the chemical ingredients into their bloodstream. Using a natural and organic sunscreen prevents this from happening.

lavera's sun screen range contains zinc dioxide and titanium dioxide which are powerful yet kind mineral agents in natural and organic sun protection. As well as protecting the skin with a natural and organic sun cream, it's important to keep it moisturised and nourished against the sun's drying effects. The choice of a natural and organic sun spray or cream is down to personal preference, but the choice of SPF factor should be carefully considered especially for those whose skins are sensitive or easily irritated.

One way of avoiding the problems associated with sun exposure is to use a fake tanning product. The appearance of tanned skin and the sense of well being that accompanies it can be achieved with lavera's natural and organic self tan products which use plant derived active ingredients including organic jojoba and macadamia nut oils which will give a sun-kissed glow without exposure to the sun's rays.

Even when using natural and organic sun protection it's vital to restore moisture and nourishment to the skin after exposure. Lavera's natural and organic After Sun Gel contains organic Aloe Vera to intensively quench thirsty skin and restore moisture, while organic Cactus helps to prevent the uncomfortable tightness of the skin which can follow a period in the sun.

Choosing natural and organic sunscreen means not only kindness to your skin, but to your overall health - and to that of the environment. Studies have shown that the chemicals and parabens contained in synthetic sunscreens which wash off in the sea can cause damage to both coral reefs and sea algae as well as creating an oily film on the surface of the water.

Natural and organic sun protection should be an essential part of our overall health care and it makes sense to look at the big picture and look after the planet too.

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