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Organic and natural skin care for teenage skin problems

Organic and natural skin care can help teenagers combat oily and spotty skin. Teenagers get a rough deal when it comes to excessively oily and spotty skin; at a time when they're feeling self-conscious their skin starts breaking out into spots without reason. Organic and natural skin care can help teenagers alleviate problem skin but all too often people believe that harsh, astringent products are better, when in fact they can actually make the problems worse. Here we look at why organic and natural skin care is the best option for teenagers whose skin needs a little TLC.

A healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can help, but it's also important to tackle the problems by using the correct natural and organic skin care products to control the oil in teenage skin and allow the spots to heal. Many teenagers find it impossible to leave their spots alone; squeezing and prodding sadly only adds to the oil overload and encourages existing spots to become infected. The right organic and natural skin care products can break the spot - damage - spot cycle and help the skin learn to heal itself.

Many teenagers think that an oily skin needs harsh cleaning and exfoliating to clear the oil, but in fact the opposite is true. Despite its oily appearance, teenage skin can also be very sensitive and gentle, regular cleansing with natural and organic skin care products will help to remove the excess oil without stripping away too much oil and leading to dryness.

Trying to keep the skin in balance between not too oily or dry is key and natural and organic skin care products suitable for teenage skin that are free from the irritating effects of synthetic ingredients and perfumes will bring the most benefits.

It's also tempting to wash oily teenage skin frequently, but this too can be counter-productive. Twice-daily cleansing with a natural, organic cleanser is enough, as it allows the removal of excess oil which clogs the pores and leads to spots.

lavera Organic Invigorating Cleansing Gel for Oily and Combination Skin deeply cleanses the skin and promotes a fresh, even tone. Containing gentle ingredients including Ginko Tree Leaf extract which helps to stimulate circulation and promote cell regeneration for brighter and clearer skin, while anti-oxidant Organic Grapes soothes and encourages a healthy glow.

As an extra boost, a product such as lavera Organic Purifying Scrub may be used twice weekly to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleanse with gentle jojoba pearls.

Another myth about too-oily skin is that it doesn't need moisturising, but this too is a mistake; daily moisturising is still essential, but choose with care as an oil-free formula is best.

lavera Faces Mint Organic Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid for oily skin moisturises and protects while balancing the skin, reducing oil production and refining the pores. The clever combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Mint in the Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid ensures oily complexions feel hydrated without the heavy, greasy feeling. Organic Burdock extract encourages cell regeneration for a replenished effect, whilst gently tackling scars and blemishes. Mineral Zinc Lactate gives skin a matte appearance resulting in a fresh, even complexion.

Teenage skin may be very trying and the cause of much angst, but with a little extra care from natural and organic skin care it can be tamed and that's a real teen confidence boost.

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