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Lavera Organic and Natural Cosmetics - Customer Comments

Read customer comments to find out their favorite lavera products and why!

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lavera neutral face fluid light moisturiser 50ml organic

I sometimes suffer from a bad shaving rash and have found that the Neutral Face Fluid is really soothing on my sore neck.

From Nick in Hull

Lavera Organic & Natural Cosmetics - Sun Sensitive Protection - Self Tanning Lotion - NEW

Lavera Self Tan is the best, most natural I have ever used. I find it very moisturising and doesn't look at all 'fake'. I also use the Faces Summer Glow as my everyday face moisturiser, especially in the winter as it takes away that dullness you get.

From Lucy in East Sussex

lavera men care, face wash and scrub 75ml organic

I have been using other brand products for a few years and wanted to try something different but was a bit nervous, as my skin is very sensitive. I tried Lavera Men's Care products and prefer them!

From James

lavera sun sensitive, neutral sun cream spf 20 50ml organic

The tubes of Lavera sun cream are great for putting in your pocket if you are walking or skiing.

From Jeanette in West Sussex

lavera basis sensitive hand care, hand cream 125ml organic

I absolutely love the Lavera Basis Hand Cream because it smells nice and absorbs quickly without being greasy so I can use it and carry on doing what I'm doing with out having to wait for it to soak into my skin. I have 1 in my kitchen, bedroom, car and desk at work!

From Rebecca

lavera men care, shaving cream 75ml organic

After buying an organic shaving cream costing me 16. I wasn't very impressed with it so I decided to try Lavera's Shaving Cream and liked it very much and can get 3 for the price of 1 of the other brand so I'm very happy.

From Barry in Middlesex

lavera body spa rose garden shower gel, shower and bath gel 150ml organic

I like to use good quality organic products so have used Lavera for many years. I find that the bottles are easier to get in to especially when in the shower. I stopped using products from an other organic range because of this.

I am a very happy Lavera customer aged 67!

lavera hair care, orange milk shampoo fine hair 250ml organic

Lavera shampoo and conditioner is far superior than another well known German brand I have used. My hair is quite dry and fine, the Lavera orange shampoo is perfect.

From Rachel in Lincoln

lavera faces organic eye cream, eye gel, wild rose dry mature skin

You kindly sent me a sachet sample of the Lavera Faces Wild Rose Eye Gel.

I liked it so I purchased the full size product!

lavera hair care, rose milk shampoo dry hair 250ml organic

I have tried lots of organic shampoo,Lavera is by far the best!

From Clare in Mersyside