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Lavera Organic & Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care - Press Release

Deodorant - Be safe and go natural!

Lavera Organic & Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care - Natural Deodorant - Be safe

Chemicals found in conventional deodorants can lead to a range of diseases

Be safe and go natural!

Conventional deodorants contain an array of chemicals, including aluminium, parabens and butane. Exposure to aluminium has been linked in some studies (including research from the University of Reading) as leading to a higher risk of Alzheimer's disease and some cancers, whilst exposure to parabens and butane have been linked to skin allergies.

Using a natural deodorant is a safe way of ensuring you smell good, but without the need for harsh and possibly damaging chemicals. Many deodorants sold in supermarkets and high street chemists contain aluminium, which prevents perspiration, and can block and clog pores leading to skin irritation.

Natural and organic skincare specialists lavera provide a range of both spray and roll on chemical-free deodorants with sumptuous scents to leave you smelling fresh all day long.

For sensitive skin:

Aluminium Free lavera Basis Sensitive Deodorant Spray (8.95 for 75ml) contains deodorising essence of organic Witch Hazel, Sage and Rose, and is suitable for use on all skin types.

Deodorant to leave you smelling of roses:

Lavera Organic Rose Garden Roll on Deodorant (£8.95 for 50ml), is alcohol free and kind to skin. The floral fragrance of wild rose keeps you smelling fresh and feeling confident.

Zesty Lime to Energise and Invigorate:

This zesty lime deodorant spray (£9.95 for 75ml) gives a burst of invigorating fragrance that lasts for hours. A great scent for sports fans with a spring in their step. Also contains organic aloe vera and green tea to care for your skin.

Graeme Hume from lavera says:

“With many studies linking the chemicals in deodorants to a range of illnesses and skin conditions, it makes sense to be kind to your skin and minimise risk by using a natural deodorant. There seems to be a common perception that a deodorant that doesn't contain an anti-perspirant agent is not effective. This simply isn't the case, as lavera natural deodorants allow the skin to breathe, and neutralise any unpleasant odour, whilst caring for skin."

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