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Lavera Organic & Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care - Press Release

New Organic & Natural Hair Care

Lavera Organic & Natural Skin Care - Press Release New Organic Hair Care

Get luscious locks with the new organic and natural hair care products from lavera

Already known for its fabulous and effective natural and organic skincare, Lavera has now created a brand new range of affordable hair care products including shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments that contain the highest quality natural plant extracts and fragrances to provide the ultimate care for your hair. There are six shampoos, two conditioners and four hair care treatments in the range, all priced between £5.95 and £6.95. This new range is available nationwide and online at

Each product in the new hair care range carries the Natrue certification logo and is 100% natural and 100% organic, containing only the finest and purest ingredients to feed your tresses with all the best nature has to offer. All products are free from silicones, mineral oils, parabens and sulphates as well as any other artificial ingredients. It's the perfect range for those who want naturally beautiful and healthy hair!

Please find below more information on each new product grouped by category:


1. Lavera Organic Balance Shampoo - RRP £5.95 /200ml
For normal to oily hair
Lavera's Balance Shampoo contains organic Lemon and Mint extracts to gently help regulate oily hair and scalp while creating a refreshing and clean feel.

2. Lavera Organic Sensitive Shampoo - RRP £5.95 / 200ml
For sensitive and irritated scalps
Organic Sensitive Shampoo helps to calm irritated and sensitive scalps while keeping hair clean and healthy. Organic Liquorice extract soothes sensitive scalps while Organic Almond Extract keeps hair moisturised and soft.

3. Lavera Organic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - RRP £5.95 / 200ml
For dandruff-prone hair
Lavera's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo restores balance to your scalp. Organic Cornflower and Sage Extracts normalises the hair and scalp keeping it free from dandruff.

4. Lavera Organic Volume Shampoo - RRP £5.95 / 200ml
For fine and limp hair
Lavera's Volume Shampoo contains organic Orange and Green Tea extracts to create volume and bounce while revitalising and adding shine to hair.

5. Lavera Organic Colour and Shine Shampoo - RRP £5.95 / 200ml
For colour treated and highlighted hair
Lavera's Colour and Shine Shampoo contains organic Avocado and Mango extracts to care and protect against colour fading while softening and adding shine to hair.

6. Lavera Organic Repair and Care Shampoo - RRP £5.95 / 200ml
For dry and damaged hair
Lavera Repair and Care Shampoo contains organic Wild Rose extract, which nourishes dry and damaged hair, combined with organic Plant Keratin to smooth and care for hair creating shiny soft and manageable locks.


1. Lavera Organic Repair and Care Conditioner - RRP £5.95 / 150ml
For stressed & dry hair
To compliment the cleansing and hydrating properties of Repair and Care Shampoo, lavera have produced an Organic Repair & Care Conditioner to naturally improve dry and distressed hair, creating sleek, smooth and shiny tresses.

2. Lavera Organic Colour and Shine Conditioner - RRP £5.95 / 150ml
For colour-treated & highlighted hair
Colour and Shine Conditioner brings dehydrated coloured hair back to life with the help of nourishing natural ingredients of organic mango and avocado extracts. These highly conditioning ingredients reduce colour fading while adding shine to create healthy looking hair

Hair Treatments

1. Lavera Organic Repair & Care Intense Treatment - RRP £6.95 / 125ml
For stressed & dry hair
When hair needs a shot of rejuvenation and hydration lavera Repair and Care Treatment will tend to all your hair needs. Wild Rose extract combined with natural plant keratin creates a soothing and conditioning effect on the hair to prevent tangles forming while moisturising deep down into the hairs' core.

2. Lavera Organic Colour and Shine Intense Treatment - RRP £6.95 / 125ml
For colour-treated & highlighted hair
Mango and Avocado extracts provide excellent care for coloured hair. Lavera's new Organic Mango and Avocado Conditioning Treatment invigorates hair enhancing the colour while strengthening and nourishing each strand providing moisturisation from root to tip for that fresh from the salon feeling.

3. Lavera Organic Repair and Care Serum - RRP £6.95 / 30ml
For all hair types
To combat flyaways and the damaging effects of split ends lavera has produced a natural and organic hair serum. Containing the natural extract of organic Wild Rose which helps to tame flyaway hairs combined with natural Plant Keratin to reduce split ends leaving hair soft and smooth with added shine.

4. Lavera Express Care Leave in Spray - RRP £6.95 / 125ml
For fine & limp hair
Lavera Express Leave In Spray contains organic Orange and Green Tea extracts to help condition, revitalise and soften hair from root to tip. The light hydrating formula provides instant volume and natural movement for hair in need of a quick fix for dull lifeless hair.

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