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Pravera Direct - Legal Statement

Pravera Ltd is registered in Scotland, Company Registration Number SC217044

Registered Address: Conchieton Business Centre, Conchieton, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4TA


The following is a current list of UK trademarks and service marks (followed by the appropriate generic name) owned by Pravera Direct and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. To the extent a trademark does not appear on this list does not create a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that have been established in any of their trademarks of Pravera Direct and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Trademark List

  • The name Pravera
  • The Pravera logo
  • The name Pravera Direct
  • Pravera Direct Logo



Data Protection Act

Pravera Direct is listed under the Data Protection Register (Ref: Z2325057) we are committed to ensuring that all personal data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Further information regarding DPA policies and procedures is available by contacting Pravera Direct.