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Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care Facts & Myths

Facts & Myths

Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care - Fact & Myths


Girls usually start their menstrual cycle around the age of 12 but depending on their bodies they could be as early as age 9 so it is really important for a girl to be aware of all the facts & myths around the menstrual cycle and how their bodies will change.

Many parents feel awkward talking about the menstural cycle to their daughters and this is why we have built a page with Organyc to let all the young girls out there know how their bodies will change, that it is a natural part of becoming a young woman and growing up.

1. What is the menstrual cycle?
2. My first menstural period . . . Eeeek what is happening to me?
3. My first menstrual period . . . What should I use?
4. I want to use a tampon but I have heard they get lost inside me . . .
5. Help . . .I have missed a menstrual period
6. Can I go swimming during my menstrual period?

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