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100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care

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Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care and Beauty Cotton wool, pads, buds and balls

Don't ruin your best knickers

Organyc - 100% Cotton panty liner - Dont ruin your best knickers or your delicate skin

Don't ruin your best knickers or your delicate skin

Organyc panty liners made from lady-friendly cotton!

Periods can be really irritating - literally. Not only is it sometimes difficult to tell when your time of the month will arrive, meaning us ladies need to wear panty liners on certain days to avoid ruining our favourite underwear - but the cotton used in some conventional liners can cause skin irritation and discomfort.

"Conventional panty liners can contain all sort of nasties, including chlorine, wood pulp and SAPs derived from crude oil."

Panty liners allow us confidence before, during and after our period. Whether you just want feel clean and comfortable or use them with tampons in case of any leakage, they're relied upon by millions of women -and irritated skin shouldn't come into the equation!

The material conventional panty liners are made from can contain all sorts of nasties, including chlorine, wood pulp and Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) derived from crude oil. In fact, most panty liners contain hardly any cotton, so it's no wonder they can lead to allergies and sensitivity on what is an already delicate area - and plastic materials can also increase sweating, which is hardly conducive to a fresh and clean feeling.

Organyc panty liners are made from 100% organic cotton, which is naturally absorbent, soft and breathable.
Because the organic cotton they're made from allows air to pass through the panty liner, they allow your skin to breathe, leaving you feeling comfortable - without sweaty bits!

The panty liners can even be purchased individually wrapped, so you can keep a couple in your handbag for emergencies, or if you need to change them throughout the day.

Sharon Little from Organyc says: "The amount of chemicals and potential irritants used in the process of making conventional panty liners and feminine hygiene products is really rather scary. Using harsh products near such a delicate area can be particularly detrimental, and upset our body's natural bacteria levels, as well as causing rashes and other unpleasant skin irritations. So it makes sense to buy an organic cotton panty liner like Organyc, which is kind to skin, affordable, eco-friendly and good for the communities that grow the cotton."


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