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Keep Calm and Play On: How to Survive a Festival : Top tips from Organyc

Festival season is almost upon us and for many is one of the highlights of the British summer. But as much as we love great music, spending time with like-minded festival goers and dancing 'til dawn, there's one thing that fills the majority of female festival goers with the utmost dread; the hygiene dilemma. But don't worry - the amount of sheer fun to be had at a festival definitely outweighs the lack of shower facilities, portable loos and sleeping in a muddy tent, and with a bit of smart preparation you can enjoy the festival to the fullest!

These helpful tips on what to pack for a festival, from Ingrid Hume at eco-friendly hygiene brand Organyc, will help ensure that with a little preparation you'll have one of the best long weekends of your life:

1. Wear the right clothes: Festival clothes can be as colourful and exotic as you wish - anything goes! However, be prepared for all kinds of weather. Stick to shorts and skirts instead of jeans, which can leave you feeling overheated and are a nightmare when muddy or damp. Choose clothes that are made of natural fibres e.g. Cotton and avoid nylon as these can make you feel overheated, hot and sweaty. Don't forget to always keep a spare layer handy in case of rain!

2. Take wellies: You might have faith in the promising weather forecast, but don't be fooled. A typical British summer will include rain so you WILL need those wellies! With the thousands of people dancing away on wet grass, wellies are a festival necessity. The brighter coloured the better!

3. Pack wet wipes: This is the clear answer to the festival hygiene dilemma. If there's one thing you remember to pack, make it wet wipes! Aim for a brand that will be gentle to skin (especially potentially sun-burned) and won't lead to irritation.

Organyc Wet Wipes (2.99 for 20) are made from delicate organic cotton that are free of any pesticide residue and are gentle enough to be used on intimate areas, so they make great alternatives to toilet roll - something you're unlikely to find in a festival loo!

Organyc Wet Wipes are also ideal to remove makeup and for a quick underarm freshen up in the morning. They're the next best thing to a shower when there isn't one available!

Containing organic calendula and chamomile extracts to soothe and moisturise skin, as well as lactic acid to help stabilise pH balance, Organyc Wet Wipes are free from parabens, alcohol and chlorine and thus ideal for sensitive and allergy prone skin. What's more, they're biodegradable, making them just as gentle to the environment.

4. Stay hydrated: Not only is there the chance of being out in the sweltering sun all day, in the middle of a shade-free field, but alcohol - found in free-flowing abundance at most festivals - is also highly dehydrating. The last thing you'll want is to miss out on seeing your favourite bands because of fainting, or exhausting yourself from dehydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water - carry a bottle throughout the day for a quick hydration boost whenever thirst strikes.

5. Take sun protection: Sun protection is a must as the sun's rays can still cause skin damage and sunburn even if the weather is cloudy - remember you'll be outside for most of the day! Choose a natural mineral sun lotion or spray that protects against UVA & UVB rays from the first application.


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