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100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care

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Organyc - 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Care and Beauty Cotton wool, pads, buds and balls

Organic biodegradable tampons

ORGANYC 100& Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Tampons - The healthy choice for you

100% organic cotton, biodegradable tampons - the healthy choice for you and the environment

Feeling confident in your choice of sanitary protection is vital, but while synthetic brands are often the choice for women seeking confidence and security, many of the popular brands that can be found in the supermarket contain harmful synthetic substances, bleaches and super absorbent powders (SAPs) which can irritate and inflame an already sensitive area.

Organyc offers a natural, organic alternative which gives superior comfort while offering all the protection of the conventional synthetic brands, without damaging the environment.

Organyc tampons are made from 100% organic cotton which as well as being highly absorbent is a sustainable and renewable resource. The range comes in a choice of absorbencies and are hypo-allergenic, so even those with sensitive skin can be assured of irritant-free protection.

Joanne Blaylock from Organyc says: "Many women don't realise that the tampons they use every month could contain chemicals which are causing internal irritation, such as bleach and SAPs. Tampons are a great choice for women who are active, independent and don't let their period stand in their way, but astampons are an invasive form of sanitary protection, it's important to ensure that you use a reputable organic and biodegradable brand to protect not only your health but also the environment."

Women the world over are turning to Organyc tampons as they consider the impact of harmful substances on their bodies. Many tampons are bleached with chlorine, a powerful irritant and polluter of our rivers and waterways. Organyc tampons are treated with naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide (formed by the action of rainfall) and are much safer for intimate areas than chlorine bleach.

The Organyc range is the effective and ethical choice: they are biodegradable and kinder to the environment, allowing women make an informed and responsible choice.

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