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Papua New Guinea Purse Pad Workshop

Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Feminine Hygiene Care - Papua New Guinea Purse Pad workshop

How would you cope if you had no access to sanitary protection?

This is the reality for many women across the world, particularly in rural and isolated areas such as Papua New Guinea. Organyc, the feminine hygiene manufacturer, has been helping to support The Crimson Movement to help women in Papua New Guinea who have little or no access to feminine hygiene products, which in turn affects their education and ability to work.

Organyc manufactures a range of 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products including tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners. Their support of the Crimson Project is an extension of the company's ethos to provide safe, comfortable and organic cotton products which aim to minimise an impact on the environment.

In rural areas of Papua New Guinea, menstruation can provide many obstacles for young women, preventing them from achieving their potential, including gaining an education or finding work. Many school aged girls are unable to attend school whilst they have their period because there is no access to clean water or toilets, or privacy to change sanitary products.
The Crimson Movement is a charity which aims to promote a healthy, positive view of menstruation across the globe. It supports initiatives like the Purse Pad project in rural Papua New Guinea, which helps teach women and girls to make and sell their own reusable, eco-friendly sanitary pads made from second hand clothing. The women are then able to sell the sanitary pads in order to generate an income.

The Purse Pad project also addresses some of the links between menstruation and women's empowerment and equality. Organyc recently funded a workshop for 170 women and girls aged 12 and above at the Wara Ega Ex-Service Men's Club in Papua New Guinea. The workshops covered topics including:

  • HIV and AIDS
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Women's reproductive health and rights
  • Family planning and methods of contraception
  • Women's health and hygiene.

Alongside funding the workshop, Organyc's substantial donation has helped to supply essential items for the Purse Pad project including office equipment, a sewing machine, second hand clothing bales, stationary, transport and a project officer's salary.

Graeme Hume from Organyc said: "Many of us in the UK don't often realise the plight of women across the globe who do not have access to feminine hygiene products, which in turn has a direct effect on their education and job prospects. Organyc is proud to be supporting the Crimson Movement's Purse Pad project, which will help many women in areas such as Papua New Guinea to have a better life, simply through learning to manufacture their own reusable sanitary products, as well as being educated on issues such as sexual health and family planning."


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