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About Primavera

Primavera Aromatherapy - Essential Oils - The Power of Plants for Body and Soul

For 20 years, we at Primavera have dedicated ourselves to understanding essential oils, their unique benefits, and their delicate extraction from 100% organic plants. From our humble beginnings in the foothills of the Alps, we sought out and sponsored organic cultivation projects in optimal growing regions around the world. The partnership with our farmers allows us to achieve the absolute highest global standards in growing the nearly 200 varieties of plants, flowers, and fruits used to produce our essential oils.

Our pure, organic oils are the foundation for every Primavera product and our quality standard ensures that each product delivers the full spectrum of nature's aromatherapeutic, energizing, harmonizing, and healing benefits.

Our philosophy is driven by a strong belief that a balance between nature's processes and humanity's impact on the earth is essential for mankind's continued well-being. We are committed to upholding and exceeding environmental standards in every decision that we make. We support small communities that are working hard to preserve traditional values and sustainable agriculture.

Our concern for the air we breathe, the land we inhabit, and the products we use drives our desire to share nature's best with our customers. So we invite you to try Primavera products and experience The Pure Joy of Life.

Ute Leube and Kurt L. Nübling

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