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Cultivation Projects

Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - Cultivation Projects

Cultivation Projects

Organic plant cultivation projects are a priority at Primavera. By actively supporting Demeter-certified organic farming and fair-trade practices, we foster ecologically sound agriculture throughout the world. Under Demeter protocol, our plants are expertly hand-weeded, making the use of chemicals unnecessary. Our economic sponsorship of these committed growers makes it possible for us to consistently obtain essential oils that meet our standards from the most ideal regions around the world.

Lemon Verbena and Myrtle Cultivation in Peru
The fertile banks of the river Vilcanota in the "Holy Valley of the Incas" are home to the fragrant Lemon Verbena and Myrtle of Primavera's Peru project. There, 250 families grow and tend to the delicate plants, which are cultivated at a high altitude to ensure the richest aroma. Ancient remnants of the Incan culture inspire the project.

Rose Cultivation Project in Turkey
Our Damask Roses are cultivated in the picturesque highlands of Isparta. The closed blossoms are hand-picked in the very early morning, between 5 am and 9 am. Incredibly, 30 Rose blossoms are needed for one drop of Rose Oil.

Lavender Cultivation in Provence
Each summer, Provencal hills come to life with blooms of lush Lavender. And during each gloriously fragrant growing season, Primavera cooperative farmers carefully cultivate the precious Lavender indigenous to the prolific Provence region in France.


Primavera Co-operative in Italy

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