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Primavera Logo - Spring Goddess

PRIMAVERA celebrates springtime - the season of budding green, sprouting vitality, renewed possibility. Our name, PRIMAVERA, is the Italian word for Spring, while our logo depicts ancient Rome's Spring goddess, who promises renewal and a plentiful harvest. The image is based on a 2000-year-old fresco from Pompeii that inspired our founders many years ago and has been an important character in our company for over two decades. Today, our logo and the goddess it depicts have come to represent pure quality.

Goddess of Spring - The goddess embodies our name, which means Spring in Italian. She evokes the season of new life and the sheer beauty of nature.
Green Background - The fresh color expresses growth, energy and the joy of life. Green also symbolizes balance and harmony.
Cornucopia - The goddess carries a cornucopia, symbolizing the abundance of nature in our products.
Goddess's Dress - The goddess wears a saffron-colored dress, which implies the preciousness of the plant kingdom and our high regard for the Earth.
Blossoming Bush - The branches and flowers on the bush represent the botanical origins of PRIMAVERA ingredients.

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