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Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - SPA Treatments at Home

SPA Treatments at Home

Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - SPA Treatments at Home

SPA Treatments at Home

Organic spa treatments are a great way to relax and unwind, but regular visits to a spa can be costly. There are now lots of products available to use for special organic spa treatments at home bringing the quality of spa products into your home, at a fraction of the cost.

Here are our top DIY tips for treating yourself to organic spa treatments at home:


Organic spa facial at home:


Using organic skincare, you can achieve an organic at-home spa facial that will leave skin looking radiant and feeling smooth.

1. Pick an organic cleanser infused with high quality essential oils for a revitalising organic at home spa facial. Try a cleanser with ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter and wild rose oil to hydrate the skin whilst deepcleansing the pores for an effective organic at home spa facial.

2. The next step in your organic at home spa facial is to apply a spritz of a refreshing facial mist or toner, to cool the skin and prepare it for the application of an organic moisturiser. Try one containing orange blossom or rose geranium water to cool, refresh and tone the skin.

3. To moisturise the skin, apply an organic face oil. Massage into the skin and relax for 15 minutes to refresh both mind and body. We recommend using a light oil that is easily absorbed into the skin, to leave it feeling silky smooth. A fantastic moisturser is grape seed oil, which contains essential fatty acids to improve and restore damaged skin, whilst locking in moisture for an effective organic spa treatment at home.


At home spa body treatment:


1. Run a hot bath and pour in a few drops of an organic bath oil. Sit back and relax whilst the soothing oil works its magic, leaving a protective, moisturising layer of luxury on your skin for a great organic at home spa body treatment.

2. Slather a body scrub all over your body, avoiding the delicate face area, to remove dead skin cells and help to improve circulation. Using a spa quality body scrub is a great alternative to a body wrap for an effective organic spa treatment at home to cleanse and smooth the skin.

3. After bathing, towel dry the skin and then massage in an organic body oil for a moisturising organic at home spa body treatment. Avocado oil, is rich in vitamins and fatty acids restoring shine and health to skin. Avocado oil can also be used in your hair for an intensive at home spa organic conditioning treament.

Enjoy an organic, relaxing and revitalising spa treatments in the comfort of your own home, whilst improving your skin's appearance and feel.

Take a look at the Primavera range of organic products to use in your spa treatments at home.

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