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Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - The Benefits of Organic Moisturiser

The Benefits of Organic Moisturiser

Primavera Life Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - The Benefits of Organic Moisturiser

Beauty editors and skin care specialists are constantly talking about the benefits of organic moisturiser and natural skin care but why is it so important to use an organic moisturiser and can using non organic face cream cause any skin damage? So many of you have asked for more information on the benefits of organic moisturiser that we have put together this article to help answer those burning questions.


The Key Benefits of using Organic Moisturiser

1. A truly organic moisturiser will contain a high proportion of ingredients which have been grown organically ie without using pesticides or chemicals. It is important to avoid products which contain chemicals as research has shown that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, which could affect your health and fertility.

2. A reputable organic moisturiser brand will be ethically produced in a way which respects the land (using a method known as biodynamic farming), and is therefore better for the planet.

3. A good organic moisturiser will not only be packed with products which feed your skin with goodness, it will also be free from synthetic, mass lab-created chemicals that can irritate skin and have been linked (although as yet unproven) to serious health conditions. Some of the key ones to watch out for in moisturisers are parabens, synthetic fragrances, paraffin, sodium borate and petroleum.

4. Many organic and non organic moisturisers claim to be not tested on animals, but whereas the finished moisturiser product might not be, the ingredients they use often have been. A well respected, genuinely organic moisturiser will be 100% animal-friendly.

5. Skin is a sensitive and often unpredictable organ which can react to anything put on it - natural or synthetic, but you are more likely to suffer an allergic reaction or find a skin condition aggravated from using a moisturiser laden with chemicals.

Why are Organic Moisturisers often more expensive?

It is a fact that a good quality, genuinely organic moisturiser is likely to be more expensive than a synthetic brand found in your local supermarket or pharmacy for instance. This is because a very high proportion of the cheaper brands is made from water and cheap manmade ingredients. Water and additives come cheap but they also thin out the product, diluting the formula so that any good it might have done your skin will be practically negated - you are in effect slathering your complexion with a cocktail of water and chemicals!
A good organic moisturiser will be jam packed with natural, organically-grown ingredients which nourish and protect skin. The organic moisturiser may well be more expensive but it should last longer and is a wise investment for your skin. After all, you'll only ever have one face so look after it!
What is the difference between a natural and an organic moisturiser?
Natural means that the product contains naturally-occurring ingredients, but ones which are not necessarily grown organically. Be careful to check out the credentials of the brand as there is currently no legislation in place in the UK which states that companies have to include a minimum percentage of natural ingredients in order to label a product as 'natural'. This means that a product could include 0.01% of natural ingredients and still claim to be natural. The same is true for moisturisers and other skin care products which claim to be organic.
There are many benefits of using organic moisturisers but only if you use a moisturiser which is truly organic, and planet and eco-friendly. Look at how the company grows its ingredients, what awards and certifications it carries and check the quality of the essential oils in the product.

Primavera offers a superb range of organically and ethically-grown organic moisturisers and organic skin care products. Using high quality, organic essential oils grown on their own biodynamic farming land, Primavera carries the prestigious NaTrue stamp and is never tested on animals.

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