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Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - Organic - Press Release

Being mindful can make you beautiful

Primavera Life - Press Release - Being mindful can make you beautiful

Being mindful can make you beautiful

Top tips from Primavera:
With today's busy lifestyles, it isn't uncommon to feel run-down from the daily grind of life, which in turn can affect the mind, body and skin. With 64% of the UK working population admitting to being stressed at work*, it is becoming more important to take time out and relax. Mindfulness, a form of meditation which is becoming increasingly popular, is a great way of de-stressing and becoming more in tune with both the body and the mind, allowing us to focus solely on the present moment.
Mindfulness is a brain-training technique, which can be useful in calming all aspects of the mind and body. It can be used to help develop deeper concentration, clear inner thoughts and detach ourselves from distractions of the outside world. Being mindful can also help us to feel better on the inside, therefore helping us to appear healthier and more radiant on the outside. As complicated as it may sound, mindfulness is actually rather simple to achieve.
Ingrid Hume from organic skincare brand Primavera has put together her top tips on how to be mindful and reduce stress, whilst also helping us to improve the condition and appearance of our skin:

1. Breathe deeply: A great way to instantly relax and clear your mind of the day's troubles is to undertake some simple breathing exercises. Start by gently taking a deep breath in through your nose and place your hands on your stomach, paying attention to the air being drawn into your lungs and then release. Repeat the process to a minimum of five breaths and I am confident you will start to feel more relaxed and de-stressed. Breathing deeply also helps to circulate more oxygen around the body, helping to purify the bloodstream and allowing a detoxification process to begin. It can also lead to smooth, radiant and healthy skin, and may even prevent wrinkles.

2. Focus on the task in hand: Gently moisturise some Primavera® Relaxing Organic Lavender and Vanilla Body Lotion (29.00 for 200ml) into hands, at the same time paying attention to their form, from the size of each fingernail to the lines that run across the palm. This helps to focus the mind and forget everyday stresses. Because this organic body lotion contains calming and soothing lavender, it helps us to relax into mindfulness with ease, whilst the hydrating organic formula helps to moisturise, improve the appearance of the skin and reduce signs of ageing.

3. Stretch it out: Next, stand on tip-toes and stretch your body all the way up with arms outstretched in the air, whilst making sure you pay attention to your breathing. Allow yourself to feel the stretch through the muscles of your body as you reach up, before gently relaxing back into a normal standing position. Walk out the stretch by taking a few steps around the room, all the while paying attention to how your body moves. Try to put aside any other thoughts that come into your mind and concentrate on your movement. Repeat for a minimum of five stretches per day.

4. Don't multi-task: This means when walking to the shops, focus on walking and do not try to check your phone at the same time. When applying make-up in the morning, focus just on applying the make-up and nothing else, trying not to let the mind drift.

5. Practice makes perfect: Spend 15 minutes each day focusing on deep breathing and mindful stretching and you will be on the way to a de-stressed, calm and more relaxed new you in no time.

6. The ultimate de-stress: For some extra relaxation, run a warm bath and pour in a few drops of Primavera® Relaxing Organic Lavender and Vanilla Bath Oil (£19.00 for 100ml), which helps to nourish and cleanse the skin, promoting a radiant glow. Light some candles, turn your phone off, lock the door and allow yourself to relax while you soak away your worries.

Ingrid says: "The Relaxing Organic Lavender and Vanilla skincare range from Primavera® is an expert blend of high-quality organic essential oils, created for restful relaxation and supreme skin conditioning."


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