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Primavera Certified Natural Skin Care & Aromatherapy - Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2012

Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2012

Primavera Certified Natural Skin Care & Aromatherapy - Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2012


A celebratory gala was held on May 9th at the Umspannwerk club in Berlin near Alexanderplatz. For the 26th time, the famous Veuve Clicquot champagne house hosted the prestigious "Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 - Prix Veuve Clicquot" award ceremony.

A final four candidates were in close contention for the award. The winner was Ute Leube, the founder and co-director of PRIMAVERA LIFE from Germany's Allgäregion. Her company has been selling all-natural essential oils and developing and producinghigh-quality natural cosmetics for 25 years. A jury of distinguished persons from business, industry and the media honored the successful businesswoman for her entrepreneurial achievements, her boldness and her dedication to the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Ute Leube beamed with happiness, saying: "I am unbelievably honored and I would like to thank the VEUVE CLICQUOT champagne house for this award. Now we're not just linked by our shared passion for particular natural essences and aromas."

The jury's reasoning

"Ute Leube is a worthy recipient of the Prix Veuve Clicquot for female entrepreneur of the year 2012." As a pioneer in her field, she recognized a global trend early on and translated it to reality with great persistence, creating a new market segment - aromatherapy.

"As an entrepreneur from the Allgäu region, she built up an international company with 160 employees from nothing in just 25 years and she developed it to be completely sustainable. As a visionary, she recognized that in an increasingly globalized and high-tech world, people's needs for nature and sustainable products is establishing itself as a long-term trend." The jury recognized the fact that her business practices are exemplary. In particular, they acknowledged that "in addition to the highest quality, the source of the raw ingredients and the conditions under which they are cultivated are also decisive."

Ute Leube is a dependable, long-term business partner, who helps farmers in cultivation areas with fair prices," praised the jurors. "Having her own academy for improving customers' education makes Ute Leube's business model sustainable for the long-term and increases the entrance barriers for competitors." The jury also praised Ute Leube's persistence: "She had to overcome a lot over the years - a company crisis, a divorce - and, despite that, she never gave up."

The Prix Veuve Clicquot

As a young, single mother of just 27 years old, Nicole Clicquot-Ponsardin took over the company of her late husband, François Clicquot, at the beginning of the 19th century - against the desires of her family and advisors. In Reims, France in 1810, she founded the champagne house that is now trading under the name of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin. She proved to be an exceptional, strong-willed and capable businesswoman and led the company to worldwide success.

Today, the award established to honor this entrepreneur is given to businesswomen in 18 countries worldwide. It is awarded for their entrepreneurial spirit, their boldness, their willingness to take risks and their exceptional achievements - attributes that once were the basis for widow Clicquot's entrepreneurial success. The "Prix Veuve Clicquot" took on a sort of pioneering role in honoring successful businesswomen and is the first award to apply specifically to leading female entrepreneurs. To this day, it is particularly distinguished in the business world.


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