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Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - Organic - Press Release

Soothe Stressed-out Skin

Primavera Press Release - Organic Calming Face Care

Soothe Stressed-out Skin this Spring with Starflowers

With the Calming organic skincare range from Primavera


With the New Year fast approaching, it is natural to desire a dewy, healthy and glowing appearance in time for spring. The soothing chamomile and healing extracts of borage in the Primavera Calming organic skincare range will help to leave skin fresh and full of spring-time radiance.

Borage, also known as Starflower, is a wonder-ingredient that is rich in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid needed by the skin to maintain elasticity and evenness. The Calming range can assist with restoring moisture, gently calming inflammation and redness on the skin to create a silky smooth and radiant complexion.

For radiant skin this spring a good daily skincare regime is important. Begin by applying Primavera Organic Calming Cream Cleanser (24.00 for 100ml) to wet skin and gently massage over the face and neck. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry with a super fluffy towel.

The next step is to use a good facial toner. The Primavera Organic Calming Facial Toner (24.00 for 100ml) has a moisture-boosting gel formula which gently calms, soothes and refreshes sensitive skin. Use a cotton wool pad to gently sweep the toner all over the face and neck.
Top tip: Keep the toner in the fridge for a lovely cooling spring time treatment.
Keeping skin moisturised is important throughout the year. Often, face creams for sensitive skin can be quite heavy or greasy.

The light yet hydrating formula of Primavera Organic Calming Moisture Cream (37.00 for 30ml) helps to rebuild the skin's moisture barrier and deeply soothes delicate sensitive skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst aiding in the production of collagen.

It is important to use a specific cream for the delicate eye area, to help avoid dark circles and puffiness. Primavera Organic Calming Eye Contour Cream (35.00 for 15ml) has a beautiful light formula which will leave under eye skin feeling refreshed and healthy-looking.

Using this Primavera Organic Skincare range and following these simple steps can lead to a glowing and healthy radiance, perfect for a 2014 springtime complexion.


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