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Primavera Life - Certified Natural Skin Care and Aromatherapy - Organic - Press Release

The power of plants : Seed Oil Capsules

Primavera Seed Oil Capsules to hydrate bronze and minimise scars

The power of plants : Seed Oil Capsules to hydrate, bronze and minimise scars

Seed Oil is favoured by Hollywood A-listers including Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone


Thanks to its wealth of benefits, from reducing the appearance of blemishes to smoothing the skin, seed oil has been used by indigenous populations for centuries. But in more recent times high profile celebrities including Miranda Kerr and Emma Stone have reportedly professed their love for these wonder products and skin saviours.

From cassis seed to pomegranate seed, premium natural and organic skincare brand PRIMAVERA® offers a range of seed oil capsules to improve the condition of skin- from moisturising to preventing wrinkles, as well as bronzing capsules for a sun-kissed glow.

These intensive treatments in capsule form ensure that the right amount of their highly effective ingredients reaches the skin. Aftercleansing, massage the contents of the capsule into the face and neck - not forgetting the décolletage - to deliver just the right amount of nourishing oils to the skin. The capsules can be used daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how much moisture the skin requires. For added hydration, a PRIMAVERA® moisturiser can be used following application.

Sharon Little from PRIMAVERA® says:

"PRIMAVERA® facial oils contain natural and organic ingredients from plants and fruits including Wild Rose, Grape Seed, Pomegranate and Sallow Thorn which each offer a wealth of benefits. These capsules are proof that a little really goes a long way. Our oils have been obtained from certified organic sources and blended to deliver both the right combination and amount of these highly effective ingredients for maximum benefit."

The PRIMAVERA® range of organic facial oil capsules comprises:

Moisturising Neroli Cassis Intensive Seed Oil Capsules
£42.00 for 30 capsules

One capsule will dispense the perfect amount of moisture to maintain optimal hydration for a smooth, radiant complexion. The blend of rose, jojoba and almond oils is easily absorbed and these potent oils can be used as a special treat or in place of an organic moisturiser. They are also effective in minimising the appearance of scars.

The biodegradable, organic vegetable-based capsules contain key plant benefits of:

• Neroli Essential Oil to soothe dry, flaky skin
• Cassis Seed Oil, containing essential fatty acids to lock in moisture and smooth and strengthen skin.
• Cranberry Extract to help protect against damage from environmental free radicals.
• Rose Hip Seed Oil to smooth and refine the skin's texture
• Borage Seed Oil to restore elasticity and comfort dry, tight skin

Revitalising Intensive Seed Oil Capsules
£63.00 for 30 capsules

Containing a potent blend of oils to target the specific needs of mature skin, these capsules' ingredients include Pomegranate, Wild Rose, Sesame and Grape Kernel oils. They might be miniature capsules, but they deliver some mighty benefits. They also contain Rose Essential Oil to help reduce broken capillaries and promote cell renewal, Pomegranate Seed Oil with powerful antioxidants to help fight free radical damage and Sallow Thorn Oil to help prevent wrinkles.

Moisturising Neroli Cassis Bronzing Seed Oil Capsules
£45.00 for 30 capsules

These moisturising capsules contain natural colouring substances to provide a subtle sun-kissed glow, while improving skin elasticity and hydration. The capsules may be used instead of moisturiser.
Ingredients include Sallow Thorn Oil, which delicately colours the skin, leaving it radiant and fresh, and Evening Primrose Oil, which helps balance the skin, increasing moisture retention and maintaining elasticity.

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