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eco-friendly body care

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Forsters Natural Products - Made in Germany ets. 1869

Mitts and Gloves

Forsters striped Massage mitt organic linen and cotton

Forsters Organic Linen Massage Glove


forsters cotton and bamboo massage body wellness massage glove

Forsters Natural Bamboo Massage Glove


forsters chenille massage glove with organic chenille

Forsters Natural Chenille Cotton Massage Glove


Forsters massage glove with/without thumb organic loofah and cotton

Forsters Loofah Mitt and Massage Glove


Forsters Loofah Glove with organic cotton and loofah

Forsters Natural Loofah Glove


Forsters wellness massage glove, organic cotton and linen

Forsters Massage Glove Wash MItt | organic cotton and linen


Forsters coarse massage glove, organic cotton and linen

Forsters Coarse Wash Glove | organic cotton and linen


Forsters bamboo wash glove

Forsters Bamboo Wash Mitt


Forsters massage wash glove, coarse, made from indian flax

Forsters Indian Flax Coarse Exfoliating Glove