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Sodasan Rinse Aid - 500ml

Sodasan Rinse Aid - 500ml

Sodasan Rinse Aid - 500ml


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Eco Friendly and biodegradable Sodasan Rinse Aid must be used along with the dishwasher tabs to help avoid those irritating drying streaks on your dishes and leaving them looking spotlessly clean.

Yes Clean and dry dishes
Yes Fully Biodegradable
Yes Fragrance Free
Yes Not tested on animals
Yes Certified by Nature Care Product
Yes Certified Vegan
Yes No microplastics
Yes 100% natural ingredients
Yes Bottle from 100% recycled PET
Yes Bottle is recyclable
Yes Free from synthetic dyes, preservatives and fragrances.
Yes No petrochemicals and GMOs.

How to use Sodasan Rinse Aid
Put the rinse aid in the appropriate compartment of your dishwasher according to the instructions of your dishwasher. The rinse aid is automatically dispensed in the last washing cycle.

Should you find white lime residue on your dishes then increase the rinse aid setting on your dishwasher.

Ingredients INCI:
Water, citric acid, alcohol (ethanol), citrates, sugar surfactants

Please note: We are unable to send Sodasan products to Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and Scottish Islands. If a purchase is made for any Sodasan product we will refund the money and advise you by email.

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