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Sodasan - eco friendly cleaning products that work for people who care


Sodasan Ecological Colour Detergent Laundry Liquid Lime

Sodasan Ecological Colour Detergent - Lime - 1.5L x 6


Sodasan Colour Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Sodasan Sensitive Laundry Liquid - 1.5l x 6


Sodasan Heavy Duty Laundry Washing Powder

Sodasan Heavy Duty Detergent Powder - 1.2kg x 4


Sodasan Laundry Fragrance and Care Rinse

Sodasan Laundry Fragrance & Care Rinse - 750ml x 6


Sodasan Oxygen Bleach

Sodasan Oxygen Bleach - 500g x 6


sodasan laundry mixed pack

Sodasan Laundry Pack