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Certified Organic and Natural Soap

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Sodasan certified organic and natural cleaning products - Lime Oil Power Cleaner

Welcome To Sodasan

We are pleased to welcome the new range of eco-friendly and ecologically sound Sodasan cleaning products which includes laundry detergents, household cleaning and dishwashing products. The complete range of Sodasan cleaning products are certified Vegan, certified by Eco guarantee as well as being certified by Ecocert.

The Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner has a tangy citrus aroma and has a host of uses from stain to chewing gum removal and can be used neat or diluted for a all round household cleaner.

Take a look through the Sodasan online shop for all your household cleaning needs.

Please note: We are unable to send Sodasan products to Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and Scottish Islands. If a purchase is made for the Sodasan products we will refund the money and advise you by email.

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Sodasan Certified Organic and Natural Soap - Products that work for people who care
Sodasan - Products that works for people who careSodasan - Products that works for people who care

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