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Organic Cream Soap Cinnamon & Orange

Sodasan - Certified Organic Cream Soap Orange and Cinnamon

Capture the Scent of a Cosy Winter with Cream Cinnamon and Orange Organic Soap

No scent captures the essence of a crisp, cosy winter quite like spicy cinnamon and zesty orange. Connoisseurs of fine, organic soaps, Sodasan, have brought out this new winter warmer fragrance so we can all experience a hint of uplifting luxury when we need it most - during those cold, dark winter days.
Perfect as a treat for you, a gorgeous gift for a friend or to add a touch of luxury to the home, Sodasan Organic Cream Cinnamon and Orange Soap is set to be a cult winter classic which will trigger many precious memories of winters gone by.
The unique comforting aroma is released as the distinctive moisturising creamy lather forms. Free from synthetic fragrances, the warm, invigorating
scent is made from pure natural essential oils, and the skin-softening creaminess comes from ethically sourced shea butter. Unlike most soaps, cleansing with Sodasan organic cream soap does not dry out the skin, even when used every day.
Sodasan Organic Cream Soap is made in the traditional method using open batch kettles, ensuring that the beneficial properties of the essential oils and quality organic ingredients are not lost in its making
Ideal for people with sensitive and allergy prone skin, all soaps in the Sodasan range are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Only vegetable oils from controlled biological cultivation are used by Sodasan who support Fair Trade projects in the third world.

Nine opulent scents make up Sodasan's Organic Cream range including Sandalwood, Wild Roses andAlmond.



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